Saturday, 26 January 2013

hobart RC-300

Well finally getting into the "Hobo". When i picked it up, the guy said he never had it plugged in(!) but was told it wouldn't adjust wire speed.
I plugged it in and indeed any speed you wanted so long as it was full speed.
A little metering and the potentiometer was the culprit.
Bought 2 replacements for $10 and now it is regulating wonderfully.

Then it soured. The gas line to the handpiece has perished and the control cable has broken as well.
The unit is a push pull type with a feeder built into the handpiece.
I need to find some options on the hose type.probably just blg some air line from work.

I do have a spare tweco gun and wirefeeder but i like the push pull thing. I'll need it working eventually!

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