Thursday, 31 January 2013

Small mods, Big difference

A few years ago i bought a band saw, brand new.
It's a vertical/horizontal unit and it does what I need it to do.

One thing I always hated was the Phillips screws that held in the table. Never could get a screwdriver in straight enough to put enough torque on them. The table wobbled and the heads stripped after only a few uses.

Lucky for me the threads were M6 and I got some M6 countersunk cap heads from work and they dropped right in.

Much tighter, more stable and I'm actually happy to use the existing table when I need that kind of thing.

Just shows how a small mod can make  a huge difference to a machine!

Another thing I did to this bansaw was to connect a socket to the output so I could run a vacuum cleaner while its running and stop it when it stops.
I use it to cut wood and plastic at times and the constant running Vac was annoying.


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