Monday, 10 June 2013

SIP migmate mods

The SIP migmate series of welders are/were an affordable mig but they suffered from a terrible wire feed.

A friend of mine owns one and as I was bored and he wasn't using it he brought it over for some lookin.

There are a few documented mods that they are treated to as can be found on forum

To Robs mig i added a 1.5A 24dc power supply as a dedicated wire feed. this would stop the feed stepping up with the welding voltage and varying under load.

lifted from

Also a relay to trigger it was connected to operate simultaneously with the welding current transformer. This is also arranged in such a way to short out the motor to stop it dead, over-running being oner of the little migs issues.I zip tied it to the heat sink on the card.




Robs SIP has a metal feeder liner not the plastic one so that doesnt need upgrading. I would like to change the gas hose to accept a normal gas regulator and brace the wire feed rollers together as they do spread slightly when tensioning but Rob wants his mig back!

until the next one